Kentucky Butter Cake

Take it from a Kentuckian, baking a Kentucky Butter Cake is a snap. A vanilla, buttery flavor dominates the flavor profile of this traditional cake. Traditional American butter cake has roots in St.

You’ll love this sweet, buttery, moist cake with fresh fruit or a cup of coffee.

It’s hard to resist a second slice.

This cake is so addictive.

Dry ingredients.

Room temperature butter.

Add wet ingredients, including eggs and buttermilk.

Mix until smooth.

Add to your prepared bundt pan.

All ingredients to a simmer and whisk often.

Slice bottom off of cake for leveling.

Brush half of the glaze on bottom.

Brush the remaining glaze on top.

Crisp texture on the outside.

When the flavor soaks in, it’s magic.

Sweet butter sauce is the best.

Ingredients Buttermilk Eggs All-Purpose Flour Vanilla Baking Powder Sugar Butter Flavoring Egg Yolks Granulated Sugar Butter Swipe up for full list

Chunky in  Kentucky

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