Churro French Toast Rolls

These portable, and simple to prepare French Toast Roll Ups are filled with delectable Churro flavors, rolled in cinnamon sugar sweetness, sautéed till golden brown, and then dunked in dulce de leche.

Churro French Toast Rolls

Churros dipped into dulce de leche.

Although typically served for dessert, serving this dish with a side of dulce de leche, caramel or melted chocolate is a great way to enjoy a sweet breakfast treat.

Easy to make with simple ingredients.

Just a few simple steps for the BEST breakfast.

Crisp churros covered in sweetness.

A perfect buttery cinnamon sugar coating.

Cinnamon-sugar decadence.

Churros make easy breakfast or dessert treats.

Ingredients Eggs Cinnamon Milk Cajeta (Dulce De Leche) Granulated Sugar Butter White Bread Vanilla Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Breakfast Cuisine: Mexican Servings: 2

Chunky in  Kentucky

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