Boozy Dunkaroo Dip (“Drunkaroos”)

I just love an easy desert recipe, everything from Oreo cheesecakes to chocolate dump cake– if it’s easy to make, I’m all about it! We often make this Drunkaroo Dip with boozy Birthday Cake Shots.

Boozy Dunkaroo Dip (“Drunkaroos”)

Use alcohol to preferred taste.

Serve with your favorite cookies.

Easy to find ingredients for a fast part dip.

Allow  for cool whip to thaw,

then mix all ingredients, folding in the cool whip last.

– Top with extra sprinkles and serve with animal crackers, vanilla wafers, or graham crackers.

Graham crackers go great with sweet dips.

Ingredients Snack Pack Puddings Cool Whip Vodka Or White Rum Funfetti Cake Mix Sprinkles Swipe up for full list

Recipe Info Course: Dessert, Snack Cuisine: American Servings: 20

Chunky in  Kentucky

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